Vocational Training Programme Methodology

At IRM a team of research experts have developed this training programme keeping in mind the latest approaches of vocational training. The programme incorporates the demand of the beneficiaries. The nature of programme is comprehensive but it is covered in a short duration due to the focus on productivity. The emphasis is on working in a real world situation, with projects and assignments simulating the workplace atmosphere. The trainees are assessed on day to day basis; their weekly progress is also monitored by the instructors. The trainees learning level is individually evaluated at the end of the training. VTP imparts quality training, counseling to enhance self confidence as well as post training in terms of guidance to the trainees in getting gainful employment.

For its vocational training programmes, IRM follows internationally acclaimed ILO – TREE methodology. ILO-TREE methodology is a three stage process, the details is given below:

Stage 1: (Pre-Training)

  • Training need identified by the communities themselves
  • Social & technical assessment
  • Institutional arrangements etc. 

Stage 2: (Training Delivery)

  • Technical and business management training
  • Weekly assessment
  • Institutional arrangements etc. 
  • Active monitoring process 
  • Boarding , Lodging, Transport Medical cover provided; 

Stage 3: (Post-Training)

  • Follow up of business plan;
  • Linkages with market
  • Support in developing Business etc.