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Vocational Training Programme

The fast track employable Vocational Training Programme of the IRM is linked with the development of youth of rural areas. The programme serves the twin objectives of imparting technical skills to the marginalized community and providing income generating prospects. IRM has designed and developed training in about 100 different vocational trades to meet the market trends. Vocational and technical training plays a vital role in career progression. It is useful for individuals as these skills lead them to more income generating opportunities and also benefit the industries by providing them with skilled and technically experienced workforce.

The programme started as an experiment and later evolved as the Vocational, Technical and Educational Center (VTEC). In addition to providing vocational and technical training, IRM-VTEC also offers:

  • Boarding and lodging;
  • Transport from hostel to training center and back;
  • Emergency medical care;
  • Professional counseling services;
  • Exposure visits;
  • Workplace ethics;
  • Life skills training;
  • First Aid training;
  • Business management skills training.


Vocational Training Programme is designed to empower underprivileged and marginalized youth of rural areas. Objectives of VTP are:

  • To obtain employment opportunities;
  • To provide knowledge and practice of the required attributes and challenges for starting and operating a successful enterprise, particularly a small business;
  • To prepare beneficiaries to work productively in small and medium-sized enterprises and more generally for an environment in which formal, full- time wage employment may be scarce or unavailable

Women on the rise

Women’s skills and entrepreneurship development is essential for the realization of developmental goals such as economic growth and liberation. VTEC has developed specialized training programmes for women from both rural and urban areas to help them realize their potential as strong bread earners in their communities. This form of capacity development ensures that women who are trained in different skills can enhance their employability and in the long run establish their own independent small-scale business.

A ray of hope for people with disabilities

People with disabilities are usually excluded from the work environment. Prejudice and lack of awareness in the society and their lack of relevant skills and qualifications make them incapable of obtaining suitable employment. The specialized vocational training programmes offered by IRM cater to the needs of PWDs by helping them to engage in income generating activities and attain employment opportunities. Training on Life Skills and Business Management Skills are provided to PWDs to equip them with necessary skills for a better and improved life.